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Our proprietary technology, called, tracks the click response of every ad we place for you. In both print ads and job board ads, we have the software that precisely measures your Return On Investment on every job posted.

You no longer have to guess or shoot in the dark when advertising. Job Advertising and our ApplyTab is trusted by more than 1,800 institutions.

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Where Did Jobseekers See Your Ad?
Your institution probably already asks job seekers this question at the end of their job search, but their answers can range widely, and are not always precise or accurate. Job Advertising has developed a proprietary software called, so that you will always know the answer to this question. With ApplyTab, you will know exactly how jobseekers heard about your job, because it ends the guesswork! ApplyTab can track the response rate of any recruitment ad, no matter where we place the ad for you. ApplyTab gives you reliable data so you will know which publications and job boards give you the best results, and which recruitment options are really worth your money. Gives You Rock-Solid Reporting
With our system, you’ll receive a report showing you the start date, publication or job board where your ad was placed, job title, how many times the ad was viewed, and how many times it was clicked.

ApplyTab records a “View” each time a job seeker loads a page that has the full job details on it and reads the job description.

ApplyTab counts a “Click” when a job seeker clicks on the link within the job listing to apply for the position on your institution’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or on a general page on your institution’s website. Our ApplyTab technology is built intelligently and invisibly into the link that a job seeker clicks. ApplyTab is coded to record or count each time the Apply Button on your job listing is clicked.

When we place your ads in a print publication, our ApplyTab technology still works great. It is a visible link listed right on the job announcement, telling job seekers to visit that link on the internet to apply. When the jobseeker enters that link on their computer, ApplyTab records the data. So we can always track the response of any ad, even when the ad is in print.

Using years of our ApplyTab analytics and data, Job Advertising provides you with additional data-driven recommendations for every ad campaign strategy we build for you. Our recommendations are trusted by more than 1,800 institutions and are based on the best historical return on investment, not just price. Publications and job boards vary widely in their performance from bad to great, and price doesn’t necessarily determine quality. Our goal is always to ensure that your advertising campaigns are a success. Our recommendations will always be driven by years of evidence and rock-solid data, not just by price.

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Years of Ad
Tracking Data

Our ApplyTab technology has been recording data on jobs we place for 10 years. This helps us see historical trends so we can give our clients excellent advice on the best places to advertise their jobs.

ApplyTab Ends
the Guesswork

Our historical ApplyTab data gives us - and our clients - a clear view of which recruitment platforms perform best.

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